Sucking a dick in the afternoon

When people talk about sex and foreplay, there are usually things that some of us enjoy and others don't. Some people may love it a little rough with facial abuse, while others want slow and romantic. Some may have very sensitive nipples, while others may prefer having other areas concentrated on. You learn more about pleasure and your partner's pleasure with practice. And what we are into will likely change with each person we get intimate with. One of the best parts of getting to know someone is getting to know what turns them on, what doesn't, and what turns you on together. One common practice is oral sex or dick sucking. But a lot of the time, you may be wondering how to give a better blow job.

Keeping it wet

Lube isn’t just important for penetrative sex; it can really keep things feeling good here as well. Usually, the saliva should suffice, but sometimes if you were drinking or participating in anything else that increases dehydration, we can’t rely on our saliva too much. In that case, using some flavoured or yummy-tasting lube to make it fun for yourself as well is advisable. Coconut oil can be great for this.

Squeezing the base

Penises are a lot tougher than you might think, and the two most sensitive places are the tip and the base. So while she is sucking on the tip, she uses her hand to press or squeeze the base. If you want to press, try both the area right above and right below the shaft. This works especially well for guys with bigger penises you can pleasure the whole thing without deep throating.

Increase friction

Suck away using your usual enthusiasm, but crank it up a notch by increasing the friction without straining your jaw. Use your index finger and thumb to pinch your lips together to cheat and create a tighter squeeze., all recent editions .

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